Free E-book: Law and Liberty

Before I get to my review of Gary North’s Millennialism and Social Order, I wanted to pass along something that appeared in my e-mailbox this week.

Right now, Chalcedon Foundation is offering a free copy, in PDF format, of R. J. Rushdoony’s Law and Liberty for subscribing to its newsletter.

Here is the link for that newsletter offer and free e-book.

The book is also for sale in hard copy (soft cover) on Chalcedon’s website.

Law and Liberty is not like Rushdoony’s massive magnum opus, The Institutes of Biblical Law.

It is a much more manageable, 200+ page paperback!

I read it more than 15 years ago when I came across a copy in the used book section of my favorite Christian bookstore in Phoenix.

It is comprised of 32 short chapters, each of which is a self-contained unit and deals with a single topic relating to law and biblical Christianity.  This “self-contained” aspect of the chapters is due to the fact that they were originally based on a series of radio addresses delivered by Rushdoony back in the 1960s.

The material is not dated, though.  It reads just as timely and engaging as if it were written in the 21st century.

I recommend subscribing to the newsletter and getting a free copy of the book in PDF.  (You can always order a hard copy or look for a used copy later.)

This is theological and historical meat and potatoes condensed into compact form.  It is solid intellectual and spiritual food for the Christian soul.

For a sneek peek, click here!


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