A New Resource for Studying Reformed Theology and the Works of David Chilton

The Rev. David Harold Chilton Center for Reformed Theology


There’s a newly formed organization and a new online resource out now that is dedicated to promoting biblical Reformed theology and the rich pastoral and exegetical legacy of the late Rev. David H. Chilton.

It is aptly named the Rev. David Harold Chilton Center for Reformed Theology.

I wanted to bring it to your attention because this is exactly the kind of online resource we’ve been needing to preserve, promote, build upon and share with succeeding generations the very important foundational and seminal work that Chilton produced before his untimely death in 1997 at the age of 45.

For those of you who are familiar with and appreciate the invaluable contributions Chilton made to the early Christian Reconstruction movement and the furthering of the church’s understanding of historic orthodox biblical theology from a Reformed perspective — and to defending that perspective against anti-biblical encroachments from both “conservative” as well as liberal persuasions — this is a very welcome development!

I am excited about what this will bring to the body of Christ in terms of making the exemplary literary and pastoral fruits of Chilton’s two decades of work more readily available to a much wider audience than ever before.

The website that has been created for this purpose is still in its early stages.  But it is already showing tremendous potential in its use of the technology of the World Wide Web to, in its words, “cultivate the Chiltonian legacy in theology, liturgical arts, eschatology, and economics” and to “make the collections [of his work] accessible” to those in ministry, the academic world and to the general public.

You can visit it here.

All of Chilton’s books will be made available via download.  Audio files will feature many of his recorded sermons and lectures.   Topics will range from baptism to eschatology to worship to economics.  Articles that he wrote for the various publications and periodicals over the years will also be posted.

An example of one his audio sermons and lectures is this one on baptism.

Rev. David H. ChiltonAs I have previously written, Chllton’s legacy is one of an energetic and eminently intelligent biblical expositor and pastor who had a rare gift for taking profound and sometimes controversial theological themes and making them vivid and powerful and at the same time understandable and quite simple to grasp.  He spoke and wrote conversationally with sincerity and clarity rather than academic or rhetorical obscurity.

All of his books and articles reflect that unique ability.   We’ll continue to post occasionally here some of the articles that he wrote for ICE and Dr. Gary North.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of David Chilton’s excellent and very enjoyable, insightful and edifying books like Paradise Restored, The Days of Vengeance, The Great Tribulation or Productive Christians, or listening to his highly instructive audio messages, this is your opportunity to find them all in one place, “under one roof” and at your fingertips, so that you can begin a rather satisfying intellectual and spiritual journey towards biblically sound doctrine and a scripturally solid reassurance that, in Christ Jesus and through the covenant promises of His Gospel, your present and your future as well as the present and future of this world are in very good hands!

I commend the contributors to this project for their commitment to undertaking such a highly desirable and godly educational enterprise.

Thanks to all of you!  (And a special thank you to Mr. Steve Macias.)

A “biblical theology of dominion” and an eschatology of hope and victory — all of which Chilton wrote about eloquently and compellingly — are exactly the kind of legacy and spiritual and temporal inheritance that Christians everywhere need to recapture, rediscover and reclaim, to fully execute the Gospel mandate in America and around the world.  This new work is one more in our arsenal of Spirit-empowered, covenantally sanctioned and scripturally defined tools to do that.


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