Free Books, Anyone?

Free books on Christian ReconstructionIn commercial copywriting, one of the most powerful words to use, especially in a headline, is free.

And if there’s one word that Bible-believing Christians truly appreciate — theologically and soteriologically if not commercially — it’s free.

And if there’s one thing Christian Reconstructionists really love to do, it’s READ!

(And talk about what they’ve read.)

So I Just wanted to alert you to a new page that we’ve added to our Christian Reconstructionist website this week.


There’s not a whole lot there yet, but, given enough time — which, as a postmillennialist, I believe we have PLENTY of! — we should have every free book, monograph, tome and screed written in this theological vein here that is worth your reading.  Certainly every one that is worth more than what you’re paying for it!

And for all the slanderous, malicious and inaccurate names and terms of derision that could be used and have been used to describe Reconstructionists, you can’t call them greedy.  Confident, yes.  Optimistic, yes.   Strident (sometimes).  But not greedy.  Not when so much of what they have written for 50 years is available online and, in many cases, for FREE.

You could call some of us cheap.  That’s okay.  We’re just trying to be good stewards of the Lord’s money!

So, read and be instructed — and encouraged by a “contrarian” (though someday it will be a consensus!) biblical worldview…

Go to the FREE BOOKS Page

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