BABY-MURDERERS are Confronted Here!

Babies Are Murdered Here signThe covenantally creative folks at Crown Rights Media have released their hard-hitting, anti-abortion/pro-life documentary, Babies Are Murdered Here.

Every Christian needs to watch this film!

Less than an hour long, it is refreshingly frank and candid in its treatment of the lamentable and execrable subject of the wholesale clinical extermination and “blood-sacrifice” of millions upon millions of unborn children in America — since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision 41 years ago — who are being offered up on the modern-day equivalent of the altar of Moloch — by their own mothers and fathers — just like in the wicked old days!

It is also refreshingly non-graphic. There are no images of dismembered bodies and bloody fetuses to evoke visceral emotions and denunciatory cries of “gore-mongers!”

Descriptions, yes.  Depictions, no.  It’s all verbal, not visual.

But that doesn’t mean the results of the “bloodless” documentary production are without impact and effectiveness.  Far from it.  The fervent preaching excerpts interlaced with personal accounts and testimonials of God-and-Christ inspired commitment and conviction and images of large groups of MEN assembled outside the abortion mills, individually and collectively having an immediate influence on the outcome of events inside, give the documentary a more “masculine” — godly, manly masculine! — tone and feel to the effort than we are used to seeing.  What once was the domain of mostly women and youngsters gathered outside, quietly milling around outside the mills praying and being non-confrontational, is now heavily represented by BOTH men and women, courageously and fearlessly yet peaceably confronting and calling out the perpetrators for the egregious crimes they are about to commit.

R.C. Sproul, Jr., gives provocative and challenging commentary on the matter throughout, along with the young men of God who offer their perspectives on their experiences.  Long-time anti-abortion prayer-warriors and rescuer-protesters John Barros and Patti Smith are also featured.

But that is all I am going to say about the film here to avoid spoiling it for you.

Again, the viewing of this important and excellent work — highlighting biblical Christianity in action — thoughtfully and prayerfully, coupled with intentional follow-up and acting on what it is calling the church to do, is mandatory!

Thank you, Marcus Pittman, I V Conerly and Crown Rights!



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