While this site is about Christian Reconstruction, ultimately, it is about the Lord Jesus Christ.  His Gospel message of deliverance and total spiritual transformation, in time and eternity.

I suppose the best way to understand what Christian Reconstruction is about is to think of it in terms of the main idea or premise it sets forth: that the Gospel of salvation through personal faith in Christ, and redemption through his death, resurrection and ascension into heaven, is a message of comprehensive redemption.

Think of it as God’s EXTREME MAKEOVER of his creation though Jesus Christ.

Gary North describes comprehensive redemption this way:

“In every area of life that has been affected by the Fall of man and by original sin, the Gospel of Christ liberates people from sin.  Wherever sin reigns, there the gospel calls people to repent: to turn around.  By liberating individuals from sin, the gospel liberates institutions and cultures from sin.” (Genesis, vol. 1, An Economic Commentary on the Bible)

As unregenerate persons are saved, transformed and redeemed individually, societies are progressively transformed and redeemed corporately.  Societies’ institutions are transformed and redeemed through the agency of the Holy Spirit working through God’s people.  The result is, ultimately, a comprehensive (though not universal and absolute) transformation and redemption of the culture.

The method of this comprehensive and progressive “remaking” of society and its institutions is the Holy Scriptures.

The means of this comprehensive and progressive “remaking” of society and its institutions is the Holy Spirit.

So, to me, Christian Reconstruction is the idea that God is remaking/refashioning the world in time and in history–redeeming it from the Fall according to the principles and promises set forth in his Word–primarily since the time of his Son’s first coming and establishing of his New Covenant with man in the 1st century A.D..  And God has chosen to use his redeemed people, who are being saved out of every nation and tongue in every age, to carry out this important task of remaking and “reconstructing”.  And He will advance and accomplish this work–through the power and influence of the Holy Spirit–until his Son returns to earth from heaven.  It presumes the long-term success of the Gospel, and the progressive supplanting of Satan’s kingdom with Christ’s kingdom.

In other words, it’s all about HIM.

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  1. Hello,
    I am very interested in learning about Christian Reconstruction and looking for a church. I left my non-denominational church as I could no longer subscribe to church’s dispensationalism doctrine, the no need for church membership, the worship of the industrial-miliatry complex, the flag, the Founding fathers, David Barton’s history, the yearly Prophecy conferences and the weekly reminder that “Secret Rapture” was going to happen. I have heard about the “Secret Rapture” that all my life coming from a Pentecostal church.

    What woke me up was when I read Gary North PDF book titled, “Secret Rapture” and there was a lot of stuff he wrote that I never knew about. The church I attended was always about “Grace” and that we were no longer under Old Testament Laws.

    I am hungry to learn more about Christian Reconstruction and finding a church that subscribes to it. I was told to look for a PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) but I am not sure if I am getting accurate information. I live in Southern California (Orange County).

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