Ditch Our Public Education Systemdunce_cap

And do it NOW.

I figured that since this is a most appropriate call to action, it would also lend itself to a most appropriate acronym… D.O.P.E.S.!

That’s what this page is about: exposing the intellectually and morally degrading effects that our public education has on our young people, and calling you to action by showing and telling you in concrete, visual ways just why we should ditch our public education system.  It really is show-and-tell.  Pointing out real-world examples that underscore and highlight — better than anything I could say — what is wrong, grievously wrong, with our public school system fundamentally: compulsory, state-funded, state-controlled, anti-Christian, anti-liberty education.

You sure don’t need me to tell you how bad it has gotten.  At least in the 1950s (before my time), you could still pray in school before embarking on a study of the messianic presidency of FDR, the messianic presidency of Abraham Lincoln, and the satanic presidencies of James Monroe, Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge.

At least you could learn REAL math and science back then.  Not the Common Core curriculum drivel that talks about giving “friendly” answers instead of the correct ones!

Generations of parents have become accustomed to the mediocrity of the system.  Just like they’ve become accustomed to the mediocrity of their political system and its leaders.  “It may be a mess, but it’s OUR mess!” (And these are OUR “mess-makers!”)  They howl and complain when little Johnny or Janie have their “rights” trampled on, or when their kids are compelled to read or write or do something which they find objectionable.  “Sorry, parents. It’s loco parentis and you can’t prevent us!”

Most Christian parents seem to think that it’s better to have their kids as “godly” influences in the ungodly public schools, than to remove them and REALLY have all hell break loose!  I see. Better to sacrifice our children’s intellects, emotions, their spiritual, moral and physical well-being, and possibly their future, on the altar of Not Being a Fanatic About It, but rather joining the moronic majority and “supporting” public (godless) education.

As I mentioned in a recent post, it’s just too easy to find glaring examples of how illogical and inane the schools have become.  And plenty of private schools (tuition-based) and charter schools (tax-based) are nearly as bad.  But nothing compared to the government gaffes committed every day within the confines of the gun-free, drug-free (ha!), GOD-free, (and therefore) liberty-free zones that the state-run “re-education” centers have become.

My job is easy.  The proliferation of these stories in the media, mostly in the new and “alternative” media (which for the most part has become the “mainstream” media for a new generation of news consumers), means that this page will practically build itself.

There’s NO SHORTAGE of materials with which to build. So, let the construction begin.

And while we’re at it, let the RECONSTRUCTION begin!

For an example of beating something with something, here is an online port in a storm and a safe academic haven for tempest-tossed parents and their children to drop anchor and find an intellectual and moral island of relief, revitalization and encouragement.  Click this link to have a look. (These are my affiliate links.)


The War on Drugs Has Been Incentivized to Become A War on Kids.  Your school-age children are the prisoners and victims in this war.  I say we bring our boys and girls HOME!

The Fruits of Public Schooling?  This young lady will bring a tear to your eye.  She will also bring a frown to your lips as you ponder whether she is just spoofing or if she really is this incompetent.

Lean Forward… and Listen Closely to What Melissa Harris-Perry Says About Your Kids (Correction: OUR Kids).  You raise them, you feed them, you clothe them and pay for their education; but they really belong to “US!”

Mother is Shocked–SHOCKED!–at the Ungodliness of What Goes On Inside an Ungodly Public School.  The best way to avoid all the drama is to not become a willing patron of it in the first place.

I, Pencil.  Here is what happens when an immovable object called a bureaucracy meets an irresistible force called zero intelligence.

COMMON CORE: A Documentary 

Canadian Kids Receive Vaccinations at School Without Parents’ Consent  Take your shots, kids. It’s the law.  But don’t worry, it’s voluntary.  You can always say ‘no’ (sort of).  Like “voluntary” income tax.  Like “affordable” healthcare.

Middle-School Assignment Teaches That Second Amendment Requires Gun Registration  The right of the people to keep and bear licensed, approved and federally registered Arms shall not be infringed!

Homeland Security Conducts Unannounced School Lock-Down Drill  “We’re from the Government… We’re here to TERRORIZE you!”

Colorado High School to Students: No Celebration Honoring America  Because that would be discriminating against those who would prefer to dishonor America.  We must have UNequal time for our non-dissenting brethren!

One of the Strangest PSAs Ever: “Stay in School, Mate, or Else You’ll Get Blown Up Just Like These SLACKERS!”  If I were Australian, I’d be bloomin’ angry over this one.


And we’re just getting started!


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