Here is a list of what I believe to be some helpful online resources for further education, edification and equipping for this all-important, LONG-TERM task and project of ‘reconstructing’ every area and facet of our (fallen) earthly, human institutions: e.g., academics, science, law, politics, religion, economics, medicine, business, history, the arts, literature, music, theology, church, family, home, self-government, civil government, etc..

We could call this list something highly descriptive like:

Alphabetical List of Theologically Compatible Resources Promulgating and Promoting Individual and Global Reformation, Spiritual and Intellectual Liberty, Enrichment and Improvement, and a Comprehensive, Biblically-Based, Christian Worldview

Or, we could keep things simple and just call it:


American Vision

Bulgarian Reformation Ministries

Chalcedon Foundation

Cross and Crown Church (Warrenton, VA)

Deliverance From Debt

Economic Commentary on the Bible

Free Christian Curriculum–No Longer Exists! (affiliate link)

Gary North

Good Birth Ministries

IndoctriNation Movie

Kenneth Gentry

Kirk Cameron

New Geneva Christian Leadership Academy

Pocket College

Postmillennial Worldview

Proof That God Exists

Ray’s Arithmetic

Reconstructionist Radio

Ron Paul Curriculum (affiliate link)

Steve Macias

The Blessed Path

Theonomy Resources

What is Common Core


Over time, this list will probably grow.  Then again, it might shrink!  You never know.  In any case, if you come across a particular resource that isn’t listed here — and you think it should be — please let me know in the comments. Thanks.

Page last edited: Dec. 15, 2019

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4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Help!
    Your site has dead ends!
    I followed a link from Facebook on “the authority of the church over your checkbook”, landed on your site with a blowup of the federal reserve note and the title, but no link to the article I wanted to read.
    It took some sleuthing to get here where I could leave you a message. I suggest you hit your site from a different computer, perhaps one running Linux Xubuntu 17.04 and the Opera browser and see how your site appears following a Facebook link. Actually, the OS and browser are irrelevant, your site presents navigation problems for all who are not annoyingly persistent.
    Love your work, I think I will mirror your site since I don’t have any original ideas for a site of my own. As you have probably heard many times, “You can’t beat something with nothing”.
    David Parker

    1. Thanks, David. So the Read More link from the home page to the article didn’t work? I don’t use Linux or Opera. I am on a Mac with Firefox or Safari for my browser.

  2. Love the site bro; links work fine for me (Windows/Edge) except:

    -Axe to the Root (“…Fatal error…”)
    -Kingdom Advancing Ideas (“Account Suspended”)
    -Rev David Chilton… (not found)
    -Steve Macias (TROJAN infected; blocked by Malwarebytes)

    Glory to God in all things!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I think a few of those sites have gone belly up since I first linked to them. I will go through them and do some purging. It’s been a while since I tested them. Glad you like the site.

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