Ron Paul Curriculum

Dr. Ron PaulWhat’s this?  A dedicated page on a theologically-oriented website for a certain homeschool curriculum that is not explicitly Christian (or religious)?

Yes.  Keep reading.

Regardless of whether you love or hate Ron Paul, his name is synonymous with liberty, libertarianism and liberty-infused rhetoric.

When you think of Ron Paul, you don’t think “big government liberal.”

You don’t think “country-club conservative.”  And you don’t think “privileged white male” feathering his nest in Congress.

You think contrarian, “out of the mainstream.”  You might even think of him as “Dr. No.”  (This was his actual nickname in Congress.  He voted no on everything that he did not see an explicit constitutional basis for.  As I like to say, he practiced the regulative principle in American politics: “If it isn’t in the Constitution, then it is forbidden, and I am therefore voting against it!”)

After he retired from Congress in 2013, Dr. Paul and his former research staff economist, Dr. Gary North, launched an ambitious project: the Ron Paul Curriculum.  It is billed as the world’s first online, video-based full-year, comprehensive home-school curriculum.

Being a path-breaking experiment in private education digitally delivered, it is being rolled out in phases.  In its first year, the fall of 2013, it started with course offerings for grades 6-12.  In the fall of 2015 this has been expanded to include grades K-5.  The complete curriculum, all courses/all grades, is still another year away from completion.  Curriculum content and videos are still being developed.  But it is now a viable option for more parents and more families than it was when it first started.

I have been a staunch supporter of homeschooling since I was in my 20s.  I am now in my 50s. I have been an opponent of statist, tax-funded education all this time.  The launching of the Ron Paul Curriculum was like music to my ears.

The USP — “Unique Scholastic Proposition” — of the RPC

What does the RPC offer that is not found at, say, Khan Academy, or any of the other online programs?

This: a liberty-infused curriculum that is full-year (school year: 36-week), fully online, accessible from anywhere with any digital device that has high-speed internet access, an all-in-one, integrated curriculum in which course the lessons are delivered via video screencasts.

Only in this respect does it mimic the Khan Academy: video screencasts.  But Khan Academy is being refashioned into a full-service delivery system for Common Core.  The videos are still good, because they are Salman Khan.  He is a master.  But the fruits of his labor are being cherry picked and packed and processed by Bill Gates, Inc.  They will soon be made into digital GMO for the brain.

Meanwhile, the public schools have been benevolently invaded by the Math of Khan.  Thank heaven.  He has shown the way.  And it works.

RPC Courses

At the primary/elementary level, RPC subjects are fairly conventional: Math, Reading, English, Science.  The trail being blazed here is that they are delivered online and all lessons are in video format.  They can be played over and over. And over. Until the student “gets it.”  Student forums and parent forums are part of the program.  Students can teach other students.  Parents can participate and maintain full control over what their children do and study.  Just like in the old days (before progressive education and unionized, professionalized teaching).

At the middle school and “junior high” level is where RPC really starts to show its uniqueness.

In grade 8, a course is offered on Personal Finance, and one on developing a WordPress website/blog.  This is not your garden-variety middle school curriculum.   And the timing of these two courses at this particular age level is perfect.  The students are now teenagers, and they want to do two things: spend money and express themselves.  This will help them to channel those impulses and harness them in more productive and noble ways.

In high school, things really kick into high gear.

For grade 9, there is a course on Public Speaking.  That’s pretty good.  Public speaking is a skill that most people never develop, at any age.

Even more compelling, though–especially for a high-school (let alone freshman) course of study–is this one: Business I.

This is no ordinary business course.  This is year one of a two-year course of study designed to teach the basic skills and personal prerequisites necessary to become an entrepreneur and a successful business owner.  Not just a business owner.  A successful one.

In other words, this two-year business course, when taken by 13-15-year-olds, will show them how to become fully self-sufficient, market-savvy, clear-thinking, risk-taking entrepreneurs and future employers of integrity, with a worldview of optimism promoting freedom and personal achievement and excellence in both career and calling.

Do you think the world could use a few more of those types of young people?

Wait, It Gets Better

In grade 10, in addition to standard academic fare such as Biology and Mathematics (Geometry and Trigonometry), there is an English class being offered that is really a Western Literature class.  It is taught by a first-rate historian and authority on literary texts in the western (as well as middle-eastern/near-eastern) world, who integrates this English/Literature class with a companion Western Civilization class, taught by another first-rate historian and academician.

Grade 11 includes Chemistry and Government, which has two parts: Government 1A and Government 1B.

Grade 12 adds Economics, Physics and American History.

When it is finished, the Ron Paul Curriculum will be the flagship home-school provider for premium (yet economical) private online education that promotes freedom and entrepreneurship.  With parental involvement and authority not only encouraged, but expected.

In a world of statist, authoritarian education that treats parents like a necessary evil and students like runners in a race toward mediocrity and cultural declension and intransigence, all of this is truly unique.

Support the ‘War’ Effort: the War on Humanistic, Statist Education

I joined their affiliate marketing program in mid-2014.  I am now a course provider: primary/elementary math (grades 1-4).  (Note: since I am an affiliate, all of the links on this site to RPC are my affiliate links. So, please use and share these links!)  As of this writing, the math courses are still in production.  And they are being launched in phases, this year and next year.  I am using the classic Ray’s Arithmetic math series as the basis for the lessons in these courses.

I have put this page together out of my conviction that such a forward-thinking educational enterprise as this deserves to be promoted and advertised every way possible to get the word out.  Our kids’ futures are at stake.  So are their kids’ futures.

“Reconstructing” education is to be done at the grass-roots level.  It has to be done individually and voluntarily.  One household at a time, one child at a time.  Small hinges move heavy doors.

Before we can rescue our fellow frogs from the slowly boiling pot — from which we ourselves have escaped — we need to set out alternative, non-boiling pots for them to jump safely into!

May there be more pots like this one set out in coming years, to rescue many more frogs.

2 thoughts on “Ron Paul Curriculum

    1. Yes, absolutely! Anything to move the Ron Paul Curriculum one step closer to going “viral” and getting more parents on the online K-12 education bandwagon–the one whose wagon-master is NOT the state.

      When you do, please include a link back to this page. Thanks!

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