Tithing and the Church: Preface

Some time ago, in a previous post, I mentioned (threatened) that I would begin periodically sharing excerpts here from Dr. Gary North’s 1994 book, Tithing and the Church. Well, sufficient time has passed that I need to at least make some effort to make good on that promise. It’s been nearly a quarter of a […]

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VIDEO: How to Understand Greg Bahnsen

In 1985, the Great Debate on “Does God Exist” was held at the University of California-Irvine campus.  Defending the atheist position was Dr. Gordon Stein.  Defending the Christian/theist position was Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen. It was historic.  Like Ali-Frazier.  “The Thrilla in Southern Californilla.”  To say that Bahnsen cleaned Stein’s non-intelligently-designed clock is to put […]

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